Sitting there staring, the waves crash before me.
I stare at the darkness;
At the sky and the sea.
I know he is out there - pining, abiding...
To see if I'll fall
Into his black snare.

Though I can't see the beast that attempted to make me
a part of his clutch,
his devilish scheme.
I know that he's there as I watch to the blackness
The sky overcast,
But it makes not a sound.

The ocean much blacker than her mother the sky.
I remember the years
That I've left behind.
Slowly I rise, for the time is becoming.
I walk toward the ocean.
Driving into the sea.

The water more frigid, Deeper and deeper.
The cold takes my breath;
As I throw myself in.
Standing against the waves as they pitch me,
I turn to retreat,
But then gather strength.

The steam from my body rises upward like spirits
Forsaking the ocean,
Alone I proceed
To walk the slope sandy - backward then forward
As Taniwha watches,
Slowing my pace.
I want him to know that I fear not his anger.
He came here, he left here,
He'll come nevermore.

Once out of the water I turn as the wind blows.
Rain falls like light
In front of my eyes.
He's gone now forever - The fiery dragon
Has cowered, submerged
Deep 'neath the sea.
Triumphant I leave the world to it's demons.
I've conquered, for now
Their wailing is done.