Came to Do

When I left home to come here it was easy to see,
That all things considered, this was the place to be.

Of course, my Dad had it planned that way,
but i planned it wrong.
I took a deep breath and left late,
I like to pretend that i'm strong.

I was destined to be something great so it said.
Even though it said nothing of holes in the head.

My brother un-belated,
Much smarter than I
who waited and waited
'Til later that night.

Now here we all are pushing on through the battle.
It is me or do people just run through like cattle?

We all wander though thickness
Finding bits here or there.
Many times it's in illness
that we find the familiar.

In this i've found two things to be true.
Endurance is needed and love, a virtue.

So wake up from the sleep
That you wish was so real.
'Cause one must be a sheep
And follow His will.