Grandpa & Gus

Where I grew up there was a lot to do,
We played in the barn and the field.
We hung from the trees that swayed in the breeze,
Ate apples and swam without yield.

I became who I am because of his home.
The success and path that I took,
Are all due to him, who taught me to swim
And to write and to love and to look.

I don't know who he is to everyone else,
But to me he is Grandpa and Gus.
He is two different guys, both with the same eyes,
And a great man to any of us.

Grandpa wears a suit and smiles with pride.
Gus, overalls and a cap.
Grandpa runs the race and Gus keeps the pace,
Their determination like a steel trap.

Gus taught me to work in the world,
How to clean and to fix and to build.
But of Heaven & Earth and Spiritual birth,
Grandpa taught me the voids to be filled.

We went hiking sometimes,
Went on fishing trips.
Caught worms in his yard, don't pull too hard,
And even took some skinny dips.

Never one month did we miss
As my home teaching mate.
We'd hit every home with a fine toothed comb
and made certain they had food on their plate.

He recited his poems
Of fine glass and polished steel.
An author of word just waiting to be heard
To teach and to bless and to heal.