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Thanks for visiting my website. I have gained much from others experiences and my hope with this website is that others will gain from mine. Take your time and see the whole site, my experiences and poetry. And then, if you would be so kind, please leave me a message on the GuestBook page or Contact me.
      Peter Vaughn Hooper, UT


So doteasy started charging for their domain hosting. That is why I no longer have liquiddesert.net - couldn't afford it. It's the end of an era - I built many websites for businesses, groups, reunions, authors, and teachers using their free hosting, I'm sad to see my domain go - since HHR2 is the domain my Email uses I decided to keep it and lose liquiddesert.net . It was a lot of fun while it lasted - be sure to browse the whole site and leave a guestbook comment. - Peter Vaughn

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