As a people, or as my four year-old daughter would say, as "humans", i think we can learn a lot from each other. Sometimes it's hard to think that someone might actually have the answers to some of our questions but i think some of those answers might just exist in lessons we learn through other peoples experiences. Sometimes we can even avoid pain and heart ache through others experiences and not have to face them ourselves if we abide by the truths taught by such. That is why i urge people to share their stories and experiences with others. That's why we read books and watch movies isn't it? Perhaps we are just looking for entertainment but often times we walk away having learned a bit of truth and maybe even something life-changing. Our own stories can be motivating testimonies of truth that can help others make sense of their own lives and that's why i think it's important to share with each other.
I have this site to promote this idea but don't worry, i'm not going to write my life story and all the neat-o things i've learned. I might bore you with a bit of my poetry and share a few experiences but mostly i want to encourage visitors to become more interested in each other. Please sign my guestbook and feel free to comment on anything about this site or submit your own experiences that relate to it.
Anthropologists, psychologists, and historians believe that storytelling has been with us since the beginning of our existence - in fact, they argue that storytelling is that which defines our humanity. For thousands of years, as people struggled to survive, they passed through stories what wisdom and knowledge they accumulated. In early times, storytelling was used to explain significant and often confusing events such as storms, tidal waves, lightening, and fire. Special types of stories about heroes and gods, were used to bind individuals to common belief systems. Moral tales conveyed the first codes or laws that ensured the harmony, cooperation, and ultimately the success of early human populations. Since prehistory, stories have taken many forms, from written texts to forms of architecture, and painting. Perhaps the oldest form is the oral tradition-passing on wisdom, knowledge, and culture through the spoken word. The oldest stories told are myths, legends, and folktales. Every culture has their own set of tales passing them on from generation to generation by word of mouth. The purpose of these stories were varied and complex, and included stories concerning the creation of the earth and the cosmos, the creation of humans, their trials and death, moral lessons, religion, and tales purely told for entertainment.
Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience and written words are the symbols of spoken words. Just as all men have not the same writing, so all men have not the same speech sounds, but the mental experiences, which these directly symbolize, are the same for all, as also are those things of which our experiences are the images. (a bit of Aristotle)