I began my woodworking journey very humbly. I had a lathe that was an adjustable drill from Sears mounted in a setup by zyliss. I could only turn projects using a mandrel and I made many pens and keychains. Life got in the way and I had many non-turning years. When I got back into it I jumped in with my dad's Central Machinery lathe. It was nice in the beginning but wore out quickly. But because of it I began turning bowls and candle holders and vases. Eventually I moved on to the only thing I have been able to afford - A small 10" midilathe which has been great but I find myself very limited anymore with the 10" and need something that doesn't limit me so. It's been great though. I learned a lot of new techniques including inside-out turning, segmented turning, off-center turning and inlay.

With the addition of a bandsaw to the shop I've added other disciplines besides turning and made a plethora of bandsaw and jewelry boxes. I also became interested in woodburing or pyrography as it's known. Woodburning has also taken me to new levels of woodworking, especially with portraits. I use the same photo-editing technique as I developed for cutting scrollsaw portraits. With pyrography it allows for greater detail than I could ever get for the saw so it has been great. I've taken a break from woodwork over the last year, except for several portrait burnings I have been able to complete. Spend some time and view some of my work in the galleries below, then leave some comments.

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