Razor of lightning

His breath shot the night like a razor of lightning,
His eyes just like iron,
And a roar like a lamb.
He came like the storm of a thousand great warriors
Expecting to take me
And yet here I am.

All that was good turned so quickly to bad,
Taken was everything
From I who once had.
Because now they’re sleeping I lie wide awake
Memories that haunt me
Dared not I take.

So I ran through the canyons and flew past the narrows,
Swam through the black holes
And hid in the light.
Walked up the hill that leads to salvation,
Ran through the thickness
And put up a fight.

I fought a great battle and it felt like enough
To be counted as progress
In a world without name.
But I look out the window and still see not a flicker,
I see nothing still burning
It’s wet without flame.

‘Cause the only salvation that comes to a person,
Is found in this journey
Of labor and tears.
So use all your talents so well that you lose them,
For more will you find
In the turning of years.

All advice I could give you to squeeze through the trial
But none have I got
For the one who gets through.