A Simple Summer Rainstorm

You came like a breeze and then left like a storm.
I could hear you laughing
in the thundering rain.
I felt the heat from your body pierce the night of that summer.
I ran fierce for my life,
thinking not of the pain.

Lying in waiting for proper introductions,
You lay hid in the darkness
of what once was my mind.
Then all at once you showed all you could offer,
After years of false hopes
and everything kind.

I wasn't worried at first, but thought a lot about you lately.
Wondering why you came,
wondering when you'd leave.
I still don't understand and still wonder when you'll come back
I'm still very tired,
I still can hardly breathe.

I've been never more than a mixture of mediocrity.
Fighting for what I believed
was rightfully mine.
I've seen looks around here but to me they mean nothing
Because out in the world
it's all incredibly fine.

To come when you did was all but perfection
Perhaps you were waiting,
wondering what was your use
But to me it was love/hate, just much more confusing
By waiting you gave me
what I needed most, an excuse.

All things considered and looking ahead,
I'm glad you came then
and left when you did.
I'm certain you saw my pain and frustration,
Jumped and then came
from whence you hid.

Over the years that I've learned not to love you,
Leaves me only one choice
to be forever untold.
To a world so demanding and judging of circumstance
I sit here alone
waiting for results to unfold.

I can't say, "you took all I had and left me with nothing"
Because what I had then
had already been lost
You did not destroy me and you were not my fault
I want what I had,
who I was, what I lost.

"It was you", "you're the one", I can say that forever
But you and I both know
and what's done is done.
Perhaps I'll never get over, "what could have been"
But I'll never give up, not again,
'til I'm done.

To all the rest, advice I have none.
Except to accept 'Change'
as the new medium
To set your life's course in a different direction
Seek out the joy,
the love and perfection.